Exterior Painting: 4 Tips To Make Sure You Choose The Best Colors And Love Them

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Exterior Painting: 4 Tips To Make Sure You Choose The Best Colors And Love Them

1 June 2015
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When you've decided that the exterior of your home needs an upgrade, the first thing you may think about doing is painting the siding, shutters, doors, etc. Although the decision to do this is an easy one, it isn't as easy to determine the color of all of the elements on the exterior of your home. Here are a few ideas to help you choose the right color and make sure that you love the way your home looks afterward:

Consider Your Neighbors

No one likes a copycat and if you paint your home the exact same color as your next-door neighbor or the couple down the street, it's likely they won't be too thrilled. While you do want to blend in, you should try to avoid the exact same shade as everyone else on the same street as you. You should also avoid colors that are going to stick out like an eyesore. Choose colors that complement the properties around your own and avoid colors that will startle people when they visit.

Think About the Climate

You should also choose the color of your home depending on the climate in which you live. For example, a light-colored home is going to work great in a hot climate like Arizona, but it may not be the best-suited option for a colder climate in Massachusetts. If you live in a warmer climate, you should opt for light shades, such as white, beige and pastel colors, that will reflect the heat. However, if you live in a cooler climate, you may want to consider darker colors that will create warmth and absorb the sunlight.

Place Emphasis on Your Best Features

Just as your eyes may be your best feature, your home has a best feature as well. It may be the shutters, the front door or something else entirely. Find your home's best feature (usually the front door and shutters) and showcase it with a different paint color. You can then work on blending in unattractive features, such as chimneys, gutters and downspouts. For example, you could paint the exterior of your home a beige, the front door and shutters a hunter green and the window trim a white or dark beige.

Highlight Your Landscape

To add more curb appeal to your home and to make the exterior of your home stand out even more with a new paint job, consider placing an emphasis on your landscape. If you already have blossoms in place, consider what color they are before painting the outside of your home. A creamy peach home will look great with white and purple blossoms, while pink and blue flowers would look marvelous in front of a rich brown home.

Although exterior painting is something that can be done by a homeowner, it is recommended that you hire an expert if you have any reservations at all. It is better to pay for the job to be done the right way than to risk injury to yourself or worse.