How To Protect Your Plants And Trees During A Home Exterior Painting Project

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How To Protect Your Plants And Trees During A Home Exterior Painting Project

4 June 2015
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Does the exterior of your home need a fresh coat of paint? Are you hesitant about doing it because you worry that the plants and trees around your home could be damaged during the process? If so, you will be pleased to learn that you can have your home painted and protect your plants and trees from the damaging effects of the process. Here's how!

Paint Prep Protection

The home's exterior will need to be cleaned before it can be painted. Pressure washing is the best option for getting all of the dirt and grime off of the side of your home without the use of any chemicals. This is the best option for your plants and trees because the chemicals that can be often used, like bleach, can kill the plants growing alongside your home.

If the existing paint on your home releases a chalky residue or is peeling, cover the plants. This will help to reduce the amount of work that goes into cleaning up after the painting has been completed, and protect the plants from becoming covered by the chalky residue that can be impossible to get off.

To limit the amount of paint chips that are released to the ground below, consider manually peeling and scraping the worst areas. Use tarps or drop cloths placed gently over the plants below to make cleaning the paint peels up after you are done.

Paint Protection

Whether the paint is being applied using a brush and rollers or a paint gun, paint is likely to drip, overspray and drizzle onto the plants and trees by the home.

Purchase a large roll of pallet stretch wrap. This is much like the plastic wrap that you use in your kitchen to cover leftover food, but much larger and thicker. This can be used to gently wrap the trees and large bushes and shrubs by your home without damaging them.

Small plants can be covered using buckets, plastic bins or even trash cans. Very small plants can be covered using empty plastic ice cream buckets.

  • Tip: To save money investing in the buckets and bins, post a wanted ad on your local online classified website. Oftentimes, people have extras laying around that they will sell you for a portion of the price that you would pay for them brand new.

Your plants can look as perfect and healthy as they did before the painting project started. When the project is complete, your home will look perfectly finished and accented by the gorgeous plants surrounding it. If you need a professional's help painting your home's exterior, visit Braendel Painting.