Cheap Options For First Time Homeowners With An Ugly Home

If you have paneling in your home and want to disguise it with wallpaper, click here. Find tips that will give you a perfect finish for those unsightly walls.

Cheap Options For First Time Homeowners With An Ugly Home

31 July 2015
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If you don't think the inside of your new home is bad but the exterior is an eyesore, there are affordable ways you can update the curb appeal and give the home a fresh look. There are some affordable ways to fix your problem without spending a small fortune.

If the front porch is dirty and stained or the walkway looks bad, power washing or using concrete stain and paint can make it look better. You'll also want to consider the following things to make the outside of your home reflect your style and tastes, and to make the home look great.  


Adding fresh vegetation around your home, like an array of lush bushes is going to add color and sophistication. You can even put a medium sized tree around the house to add something to the yard. Bushes with different elevation and spread around the walkway can make a big difference.

Potted flowers on the front porch, flowers in the mulch or around the bushes, and even window boxes can also add more serenity to the home.


A fresh coat of paint in a modern neutral color is going to make the home look like it's newly constructed. The cost for a professional paint company (such as Kevin Lule Painting) to do the work is much more affordable than the cost to have new siding installed. You'll want to choose a color that you like, that blends with the homes in your neighborhood, and that will appeal to many for resale potential in the future.


Does your house have shutters? Are they faded or damaged? New shutters in a bold black or navy blue will pop on the outside of the home. You can get ones that are curved and have designs instead of the basic rectangular options, and they look crisp and clean. If you're replacing the shutters, consider a new front door, or painting the front door to match the shutters.    

The outside of your home is the first thing that you see when you pull up, along with all of your friends, family, and guests. Take the time to shop around and invest a little bit of money in the outside of the property, to get big results that you're going to love. A little bit of work in the mulch or stone and around the home is going to make a bid impact when you're done.