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Building A Home? A Master Custom Carpenter Can Get The Job Done

29 June 2017
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There are a lot of different aspects that go into building a home. There are a lot of different contractors that will build a very nice home, but the great contractors all have one thing in common. The factor that separates the great contractors from the good contractors is attention to detail. The great contractors are all going to make sure that the smallest details are taken care of with great attention. Read More …

2 Simple Paint Supplies You Can Purchase To Make Painting The Interior Of Your Home Much Easier

27 October 2016
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If you are feeling ambitious, and have the desire to paint one or more rooms in the interior of your home, then you should definitely go for it. This can be a fun project for you and one that will likely yield results that you will be pleased with. However, painting definitely isn't easy, so it is important that you do all that you can to make the job go smoothly for you. Read More …

Leery Of Leaks? Homeowner Tips For Roof Protection

20 April 2016
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A leaky roof is a huge inconvenience for any homeowner. Whether you notice a few droplets or experience major damage, the expenses associated with leak repairs are high. Fortunately, you can take preventative measures to make sure your roof is resistant to water and ice. Read on to learn how to protect your roof from potential disasters. Clear The Clutter From Your Gutters Proper maintenance of your home's gutters is more important than you may realize. Read More …

Why Your Paint Is Peeling: Problems To Solve Before Starting An Interior Paint Job

2 March 2016
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Previously painted interior surfaces can be challenging to properly prepare for a new coat of paint. The stakes are high: Without the right preparation, perfectly good interior paint and a quality paint job won't last for the warrantied amount of time. According to Sherwin Williams, about one in 10 paint jobs fails to last like it should. What are some of the common causes of peeling paint and what are your options for managing them? Read More …

Why Your Painted Wall Is Accumulating Dirt

21 December 2015
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When using a low quality paint, you might notice a build-up of dirt on the paint. The dirt will resemble mildew. The accumulation of dirt is the result of air pollution and any dirt that splashes on the wall and is absorbed into the paint. You can try to wash the dirt off, but you may also need to apply a better-quality form of paint. Test For Mildew The first step is to determine if the accumulation on the wall is dirt or mildew. Read More …